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How was your impression of your travel to Mongolia? Was your Mongolia travel fantastic or it couldn't live up to  your expectation? What was good and what was bad?  Share your experience with others.  The feedback section on the websites of Mongolian tour operators tend to post only the "great" impression. As a result, it is difficult for potential travelers to get "real" information about traveling to Mongolia and the services of the tour operators.

If you have any questions about your next travel to Mongolia, please post in our forum. We are sure that you will be answered by someone.

We hope that collecting "real" information about traveling to Mongolia here will help improve the services and competition of travel companies. We believe this helps making Mongolia a better place to travel in the future.
Here are some useful websites for your Mongolia travel. - Mongolia tourism association. - Cheap air tickets to Mongolia. - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. - Blogs on "travel Mongolia"
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